Episode #3: The Doubtfire Nanny Agency

Vindication for The Mystery Hour as we successfully put on a good show to get the taste of Episode #2 out of your mouth.

-Pug dogs
-Episode #2
-Corporate LARPing
-Drunken Chainsaw-wielding Flowerpothead Robs Store
-#WorldsToughestJob #LoadOfShit
-Toddler in a Claw Machine
-Replacing Things with Chicken
-We talk about Andre Johnson and don’t even make a “johnson” joke.
-Box Office
-Doubtfire Nanny Agency
-Game Show:  Did it Happen in Florida?
-Pee Pee Water in Portland
-Airplanes and Airlines


Episode #2: Catastrophic Technological Error

Listen in as technical failure leads to a complete show meltdown.  Also, almost 40 minutes of show before that may be worth listening to as well…

-Problems with mobile gaming
-Zombie run
-Skype TX
-Eric Holder, Republicans, states rights and other hypocrisy.
-Box Office
-Captain America and Avengers-based movies.
-Iron Man
-Catastrophic Technical issues occur.


Episode #1: The Hulk of The Mystery Hour

It’s finally here.  All your weeks of patiently waiting have paid off.  Welcome back to The Mystery Hour.

-Pot of Legends
-Corporate LARPing
-Google Glasses
-Box Office (Noah outrage)
-Captain America and Marvel’s movie empire
-Ashley’s Game Show
-Cuban Twitter
-First “Marijuana Death”
-OkCupid and Mozilla


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